Dehydrated Chicken Wings

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Chicken Wings for Dogs are a 100% natural, crunchy chew. These chews can be given as a reward or a treat.

Chicken Wings will keep your dog occupied whilst they enjoy a natural chew.

They are high in protein and low in fat making them a healthy treat for your dog.

As with all treats available from The The Triple M Pets Bakery, these have no artificial flavours, additives, or preservatives.

Key Points

  • Suitable for all breeds of dog
  • Suitable for both raw and kibble-fed dogs
  • Suitable for puppies 8 weeks and above
  • Single source protein treat
  • High in natural protein
  • Low in fat
  • Responsibly sourced and proudly made in Saudi
  • No Additives, No preservatives, Grain Free and Gluten Free
  • Air Dried to maintain natural goodness

Chicken Wings for Dogs are available in about 8-10 pieces in a 200g resealable bag.


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