Meet Morty !


Here at THE TRIPLE M, we really do understand how important it is to know what is in the food you give your pets.

Morty, our beloved dog, was recently rushed to the vets after he suddenly started behaving strangely..

Following many examinations and tests, our vet diagnosed Morty with several, quite severe food intolerances. (chicken fat, salmon, Flour and raw eggs – to name just a few!) We were relieved but genuinely shocked, Morty was over 2 years’ old, we’d had him since he was a pup, and we hadn’t known.

He was having diarrhea most of time and his appetite was not good enough, but we thought because of his low daily activity, we decided to take him to the veterinarian after trying everything.

Our vet stressed that if these allergies were ignored, Morty could become seriously ill. He told us that Morty’s organs would deteriorate slowly and his immune system would weaken – we would lose our Morty by the time .

After rigorous research, we realised that many of the treats we were feeding Morty contained unhealthy and nasty ingredients, most of which, we hadn’t even heard of!

So we searched about the best quality food and we found that Raw diet is the best way to prevent all of digestion problems and we stopped using “commercial food & treats“ after one year of trying Raw food we talked to a Certified Canine Nutritionist (CertCN) and she provide us with a Balanced Raw diet , this was the life changer!

We realised that to keep Morty safe, we had to make our own treats. And so, The Triple M– Pet Bakery was born!

Because we want the best for Morty, we only use the best. To keep our treats healthy and our Morty safe, we said woof-bye to all nasty preservatives and artificial colours and keep our amount of ingredients to a minimum.


As a result, we have a wide range of healthy and grain free treats available for you to buy without any worries of upset tummies.

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