Dehydrated Beef Snout 🐽

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Beef Nose Snout Dog Treat

Do you have a medium or large-breed dog that is a big chewer? Maybe they get through a normal chew in a matter of minutes? Are you looking for something natural which will keep them entertained for hours? Cow’s Nose (snout) is a huge longer-lasting chew for bigger dogs and strong chewers.

Beef Nose comes with and without fur. It is a chunky meaty dog treat that will keep your big chewer occupied.

All natural cow treats, no additives, chemicals or preservatives.

The Triple M Pets Bakery’s beef  Nose is a great long-lasting chew for your dog.

Beef is a low fat, high protein choice. It is also rich in iron, zinc, selenium and a range of B vitamins that support skin health, a healthy nervous system and blood production.

Fur provides benefits for the health of the gut and the digestive system by adding fiber to your dog’s diet.

Chewing helps with dental health and also releases endorphins, which help to relax and calm your dog. These long lasting chews keep your dog engaged and mentally stimulated while helping to clean their teeth and gums by removing and preventing plaque build up.

Great Raw Fed Chew Treat!

Roughly 16cm X 8cm wide (however, sizes may vary being a natural treat).


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Dehydrated Beef Snout 🐽
13.00 ر.س

Availability: 3 in stock

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