Dehydrated lamb Ears (Fur on)

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Lamb Ears Dog Treats Saudi Made

Our Lamb Ears dog treats are made from 100% Saudi all natural ingredients, which means they’re perfect for your small pup! These tasty snacks don’t have any added preservatives or sugars so it’ll keep you pup’s diet clean while still giving them something yummy.

Dried Lamb Ears Are Made From 100% Natural Lamb Ears

Lamb ears are exactly what they sound like—dried, all-natural lamb ears that come straight from Saudi farms. They’re a great source of protein and essential vitamins and minerals, and they contain no added preservatives, colours, or sugars. In other words, they’re the perfect healthy snack for your pup! Not to mention, they’re also a lot of fun for your dog to chew on. Trust us, there’s nothing quite like seeing the look of pure joy on your pup’s face as they chomp down on their very own lamb ear.

Key advantages of our Lamb Ears include;

  • Lamb Ears (Fur On) 100% Saudi all natural contain no added flavours, colours or preservatives.
  • A little fur makes for insoluble fibre and together with the ear makes a valuable source of manganese that is ideal for joints and ligaments. Manganese is said to be lacking in dogs that suffer from cruciate ligament injuries.
  • These ears have a nice and soft outer (because of the fur) but they are hard too, as well as bendy and very chewy. Sheep ears are very suitable for all sized dogs especially due to the benefits of the fur. Mini, small, and medium dogs will find them to be long lasting whereas larger sized dogs will find them nice and chewy, however, it probably won’t last long.
  • The perfect dental aid for puppies! Plus, giving them that great relief from teething (keeping your shoes nice and safe!)
  • They also have no added preservatives, colours, or sugars, therefore, they are the perfect delicious and healthy treat for small dogs.
  • Lamb is low in fat and lean treat for your pet.

Nutritional Analysis
Protein 57.8%
Fat 29.8%
Fibre 0.9%

2 pack


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